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Ryan and I were married December 28, 2004. We have one beautiful, very tempermental daughter, Bella. She was born October 20, 2007. We also have Evan, who was born November 1, 2009. Ryan is an actuarial analyst with the Humana. We have begun a new chapter in our lives in Louisville, Kentucky. We can't wait to see what this new place holds for our family!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Oliver Paul Jubber

A new baby, a new post. I have a few other things to post about as well, like the fact that we're closing on a new house in the next couple weeks, but those things can wait. For now, I will blog about my sweet new baby boy. Want the whole story? Okay, here it comes! Since I know these happen to fascinate some of you.

I'm a planner. So I planned all this out to the T. I was going in for induction on Saturday, March 10th. I had a babysitter for Saturday and Sunday. I would come home Monday, my mom came in Monday night, and then Ryan only had to take Monday off of work to help out because it would mostly be over the weekend. I was going to clean my bathrooms and finish up the laundry on Thursday and Friday so everything was all clean and caught up. Ryan kept commenting to me that he thought all my planning was for nothing because Oliver was going to come earlier, but I was sure he was wrong. My babies don't come early...

On the morning of Wednesday, March 7th, I woke up feeling tired, as usual! We were supposed to have the pest control guys come that morning to spray our apartment. We had to spend all of Tuesday evening moving as much as we could off the carpet in preparation for it. That is probably what sent me into labor, stupid bugs in Kentucky! We had to be out of the apartment after they sprayed for 3-4 hours, so I had planned a morning of activities for us to be away, ending with lunch with Ryan. I waited around for half the morning waiting for them, but they weren't showing and it was almost time to meet Ryan for lunch. So I decided to just go. We went to lunch, went to Costco, and ran a couple other errands. All the while, I was having random contractions but nothing too steady or strong. I'd been having them for a couple weeks, so I thought nothing of it. I got home around 3:30 and the pest control guy drove up right after me. He said nobody had told him that it needed to be here in the morning, and he was there to get started. I was super frustrated, but with everything else going on, I figured I'd just get out for a while longer and let them get it done. So we went out to the car. I called Ryan to see when he was planning on coming home from work and told him that we had to stay out of the apartment for a few hours. He headed home shortly after, and we just sat in the car to wait for him for like an hour playing and singing. When he got home, we decided to head to dinner at Red Robin. We had only been there about 15 minutes when the contractions started to get a little stronger and steadier. I told him that we may have to be heading to the hospital that night, which would be really convenient for staying out of our apartment! :)

By about 7, Ryan was pretty convinced that we were having a baby. I, however, was not so much. I don't know why I thought it was false, but I wanted to make sure they were coming steadily for long enough so I didn't go to the hospital and then get sent home. By about 7:45, we decided that going to the hospital would probably be a good idea. I was starting to feel the pain! So I called the girl that was supposed to watch them on Saturday and she was so great about having them come that night. So we went home and starting putting some things together. I also looked up false labor and was trying some things they suggested to confirm that I was really in labor. It said to switch positions and walk around a bit. When I started walking around, the contractions sort of subsided and weren't very strong. So I delayed. And then they came back full force. We rushed to put a bag together for me and the kids, and headed out. We dropped the kids off at about 9:15 and got to the hospital about 15 minutes later. I think they thought that we had some time, so they took their sweet time. And I almost died! The lady at check-in gave us half her life story while I sat there dying! By the time we got to triage, I was just begging for an epidural. They finally checked me and I was already at a 7, so they finally stepped into high gear. Still, by the time they got me to a delivery room and got the anesthesiologist in there, I was for sure dilated to a 10 and needed to push.

Just a little side note here. When I went into labor with Bella, I went to the hospital pretty quickly. They monitored me for an hour and when I didn’t progress, they sent me home with a morphine shot. I labored at home for hours until I couldn’t take it anymore and went back to the hospital, having progressed to almost a 9. It was painful and something I wouldn’t want to experience too often, but I left the experience thinking that I had a pretty high tolerance to pain because I had endured it pretty well. I was wrong. I didn’t realize until 3 weeks ago how much that morphine shot did for me! This labor was by far more painful. I seriously lost it! I couldn’t control my breathing or anything. The nurse was in my face practically yelling at me to focus and get control of myself! She was really great, and seriously kept me from hyperventilating and losing my mind. And for those of you who deliver naturally, heaven bless you! It was not anything I ever wanted to experience after Bella. I thought all my deliveries would just be induced and be easy as pie, as Evan’s was. I’ve never felt that urge before, to push like that, and it was crazy. I can’t even describe it. Only those who have felt it know! And it was terrible! And fearsome! The anesthesiologist was not so sure about continuing with the epidural because I was so far, but I begged and pleaded and they must’ve had pity and recognized the absolute fear in my eyes. I was practically crying when I told them that I did not want to push that baby out without drugs. So they finally got the epidural in, and my doctor finally showed up. Everyone that I told about this who had had a baby naturally laughed at me and told me that I should’ve just finished because I went through the hardest part without drugs, but oh well! I’ve heard about that ring of fire, and I’m afraid of it, so I begged and cried J And all I could think about was how absolutely huge Evan’s head was, and they say your babies get bigger as you go, so I didn’t want to experience that not numb!

Also a note about my doctor. She’s awesome. I was so worried about finding a doctor on such short notice here. After several inquiries around my ward, I got the same answer from just about everyone – go to Dr. Nett. I’ve never felt too keen on the idea of a female OB, but I’m so glad I went to her. She was so amazing. She was so great about doing the VBAC and was really encouraging of the whole thing (which by the way, here in Kentucky, is hard to find). She just kicked it in my room for the next 20 minutes or so while we waited for me to get nice and numb to push him out. It was sheer bliss by the time it finally kicked in! Because we were waiting for the numbness, she told the baby team that they could go sit down for a while until we were ready. When I was good and numb, she had me start to push just to see how things were going to go. She didn’t call the baby team back in yet because she thought it would take a least a few pushes! But on the first one, she told me to stop because he was already crowning. They hurried and got the baby team in there, and 2 pushes later, Oliver was here. So all in all, it was about 3 hours of hard labor and 3 pushes, and we had a new baby. Fast!!

So, Oliver Paul Jubber was born on March 7, 2012 at 11:11 pm. He weighed 8 lbs 5 oz and was 21 ¼ in long (which is right in the middle of my first two babies weight wise). Cool coincidence… Ryan’s grandpa passed away last month. March 7th was his birthday, so it was kind of neat that Oliver was born that day. I think grandpa gave him a little push to get him down here on a special day J

Ryan ended up having to take off a few extra days, which really is no big deal. I was just hoping we could keep it to a minimum since he’s so new to the job. But obviously his boss understood and was totally cool with it. I came home Friday afternoon, and we spent a relaxing, VERY boring weekend at home. We went out for a couple of drives just to get out of the house, but we were all pretty stir crazy. My mom came Monday night and my dad and sister joined us on Thursday. Terra coming was a big surprise that everyone knew about but me. She drove all the way up from Arkansas to see me and Oliver. Okay, it was probably mostly Oliver, but I was really glad she came. I had 2 blissful weeks of family, company, fun and entertainment. And then everyone left again L But we’re doing pretty well anyway. Oliver is a perfect baby for the most part. He’s still having a hard time figuring out the night time, but I guess that’s to be expected huh? He doesn’t like to sleep in his bed, so I sleep all stiff in the same place with him next to me. I wake up a little sore, but I’m still sleeping better than I was pregnant, so I’m not complaining. I’m hoping that over the next week or so, he’ll start to give me some longer stretches. We’ll be moving in 2 weeks from tomorrow, so I could really use the sleep to get all packed and moved! He rarely cries, and he poops like a champ! I keep waiting to have some colicky, awful baby, but it just hasn’t come yet. I’ve been really blessed with three perfect, healthy, happy babies. Can’t complain about that. The kids love him. Evan doesn’t really like to touch him (which I blame on my brother for scaring Evan with his babies back when they were little. He thinks babies are gonna attack him because he was pretend attacked by babies several times!), but Bella loves to hold him and feed him. She’s been such a big helper and seems to be thriving on being needed by me. I feel fantastic. I have also been very blessed to recover quickly from babies. I’m not about to move mountains, but I think that by the time moving our house time comes, I’ll be more than ready for that. The baby blues have hit a little bit since all the family went back home, but for the most part I’ve been pretty good. It’s hard to say what is hormones and what I would feel anyway, because those pangs of homesickness still aren’t gone yet. They getting fewer and further between, though when they hit, they are strong! I miss my family fiercely, and it feels weird to have a baby that most of them won’t meet for a long time, but we’re dealing with it!

So we have the house to move into soon, and a bit of work to keep us busy there for a while. And we’ve booked flights home in September, so I have that to look forward to as well. If I can survive the crazy bugs that plague Kentuckians and the humidity this summer, I just might make it here! And oh, it just might be a good life!

Now for a few pictures… There will be more to come later.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Settling In...

So, I hate blogspot and it’s making this post very difficult
right now. This is why I don’t
blog. It should not be so
complicated! I can’t figure out how to
get this underlining off either, so this is how it’s gonna be. I wrote a little catch up about how our time
here in Kentucky is going, but it ended up at the end and I can’t move it, so
you can catch that at the end. And it
wouldn’t let me put this text first, so there’s a random picture first. So here are a few pictures from some events
over the last few months that I have neglected blogging about. We’ve had a lot of birthdays around
here. Ryan’s was the most recent. It was really weird, cause it’s the first
birthday we’ve ever done on our own. I
have to say I was a pretty terrible wife about it. Things were just so crazy with the move and
everything, so I never got him a present.
He says he’s okay with it, cause he couldn’t think of anything he really
wanted anyway, but I still feel terrible.
But his birthday was on a Saturday, so we spent it together as a
family. We ran a couple errands, went to
lunch at Olive Garden, and then went a saw a movie. We saw The Muppets, so the kids would be entertained
too. Then we stopped at the grocery
store to get stuff for this receipt for filet mignon that Ryan’s mom
makes. I told him his birthday present
was a special dinner! When we got home,
we weren’t really hungry for dinner after our big lunch and lots of
popcorn! So we saved the filet for
Sunday. It would’ve been a perfect, fun
family day if it hadn’t been for Evan.
He was completely in pieces the ENTIRE day! It was awful.
But I did my best to keep him away from Ryan as much as I could and I
tried to be really patient with him. The
poor kid was so sleep deprived from the move and everything. On Sunday, I made Ryan’s special dinner and a
cake, and we sang happy birthday to him.
I think it ended up being a pretty good birthday for him, just a little
weird doing it all by ourselves. Oh, it
also was his big 3-0, so I felt bad that we didn’t do more for it. But I think it was honestly making Ryan feel
old, so maybe it’s best that it wasn’t a big affair!
Ryan's mom had her birthday just after Christmas. We had a Rapunzel party for Bella's birthday back in October (pictures coming). At that, Ryan's mom mentioned that she never had a princess party growing up. So Ryan and I and some of his siblings got together and decided it would be really fun/funny to throw her a princess party for her birthday this year. With her birthday right after Christmas, it seems like it's never really acknowledged much, so we thought it would be good to do. Ryan's dad took her out shopping for a while so we could decorate and everything. Then we got pizza and had cupcakes and stuff. I've been wanting to try making one of these princess cakes...for quite some time, and I think my first one turned out pretty well! It was so cute and Ann loved it so much, it sat on the counter for like a week and a half! We never actually ate it, just looked. I think I will be making another one in the future. It was fun! Lara got a tiara for Ann, and little tiaras for the other girls, so here are all the "princesses" posing!
Christmas was a fun and difficult time this year. It was hard knowing that it was our last big hoorah with our families. So we tried to suck in all the time we could! Here's all the grandkids on my side that were around in grandma's christmas pjs!
Bella was very excited about Christmas. She kept digging through all the presents to find more that were hers!Here's Bella in the Christmas pjs I made her. She's been wanting a "sleep dress" forever, so I finally sat down and made it for Christmas. She loves it!Evan got Buzz Lightyear pajama pants. Buzz is always a big hit around here, in whatever form!So here's all the way back to Halloween. Bella decided months before that she wanted to be Rapunzel. I thought it would be fun to attempt a Rapunzel dress! Fun is not exactly the word I would use to describe the experience, but she did love it! I made her a crown and a yarn wig to go with it, and she felt like a million bucks on Halloween! It's still a very popular dress up dress! I figured this could be the last year that Evan doesn't have an opinion about what he dressed up as, so I made him a little costumer to be Flynn Rider. He hated it! But I think he would've hated any costume I tried to put on him! And they were just super cute together!We celebrated Evan's 2nd birthday in November. The kid is obssessed with sports, like you wouldn't believe!! So I made him a football cake, which he loved! I also found him that awesome football hat at Zurcher's and had to buy it! He still loves to walk around with it on. He got a couple of footballs for his birthday, which are totally favorite toys. My mom also gave him a Buzz Lightyear which has been very popular.And lastly, Bella's birthday was in October. We ended up celebrating it almost 3 weeks early because she wanted Uncle Paul to be here for her birthday party, and that's when he was in town! We were going to have a birthday party with some of her friends, but sort of at the last minute, I decided it was going to be too much for me at the time. I had already promised the Rapunzel party, so I went forward with that with the family. I made a tower cake, which I got a tutorial for online and it turned out totally awesome! I loved it! I finished her Rapunzel wig in time for her party and she still loves wearing that thing around everywhere!
Grandma Collette got her these 2 Barbie cars, which are still a total hit!
Ryan and I made her a dollhouse. This whole ordeal is a LONG story that I won't get into, but I will say that I was not very pleased with it! It certainly did not turn out the way I wanted it to and I was just wishing the whole time that we had just bought her one. But it's ended up being a really good thing. She loves playing in it, which is the most important part, and she decorates in however she wants and I don't even care! She loves putting her own pictures and stuff in it, so she's had a blast with it. I guess if she ends up happy that's all I will be concerned about!
The tower cake...So that does it for that. We are starting week 3 here in Kentucky, and I think I can be a little brighter than my last post! We're starting to settle in a bit. I certainly don't break down crying so much. I think the last time I cried was Friday night, and it was very brief. Ryan and I were getting the kids to bed and kind of talking about what we wanted to do once they were down. Really the only options are to watch TV or a movie. Which, don't get me wrong, we love to do, but that's what we had been doing every night all week. Naturally, we could not come up with anything new. I cried because I was frustrated by that. Frustrated that we have spent our whole marriage depending on other people for our entertainment. Even if we were just upstairs or across the street and nobody was paying attention to us, it was somewhere to be. I don't want this to sound like we don't enjoy each other's company. Because we do, immensely. We're just so used to a way of life. Our entire married life has been spent very near both of our families and having that as a default place to go when we got a little bored. So that has been an adjustment. I kept asking him all night, What do normal people do??? And we've decided that this is about it! While this was on the pros list when it came to moving away (spending more time with each other), it's been a weird adjustment. But life is moving on. I've been invited to several girl's nights and playdates with other moms and their kids. We just went this morning to a place called ZaBoing. They have all these big bouncy blow up toys out and the kids can just run around and play. It was awesome. And even more awesome was finding a place where they finally just charge the kids, not the parents! I hate paying for myself to watch my kids play. They had a blast and I'm sure we'll be going back again.
Ryan is settling in to the new job well. He's been enjoying it so far. He says things are still a little slow for him, but he's still really optimistic about the career choice. And he's taking an exam in May, so he's had lots of time to study, which is always good. The homesickness finally hit him. He doesn't bawl his eyes out like I do, just gets kind of quiet and somber. So we snuggle up on the couch most nights with hot chocolate and try to quietly support each other!
The apartment doesn't really smell any better. They put us in such an awful position because they offered re-carpeting, which I think I could really get them to do. But I'm very pregnant, and can't really move all my furniture around for re-carpeting. It's something they should have done before we moved in. And we would just say fine, you guys broke your end of the lease with this, we're out of here, but again, I'm very pregnant. House hunting and buying and packing and moving again is not something I can do right now. So I think we've decided our plan is to try to find a house over the next 6 weeks or so, and then move around May or June. Maybe April. We'll see how fast we can get it all done! We did some casual house hunting over the weekend and it got me really excited. I think I could handle this all a lot better with a house of my own that doesn't smell! We've gotten it tamed enough that I can sit in here all day and not be bothered by it, but I'm constantly worried when I go places that I smell like the apartment. I make sure everyone knows that I'm not a crazy cat lady, I just have a smelly apartment! So, we still miss our families like crazy, but we keep reminding ourselves of all the good things about this move. We've met some really nice people and we're starting to have a really good time. I think if we could get into a house within the next 6 months, things would really be great.
So, there's the current scoop. We're doing our best to be positive and happy and enjoy our new adventure! So long from Kentucky!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A quick check-in...

Okay, I have promised people that I will blog more now that I have moved away. Half the people didn't know much about my daily life anyway, but oh well. I'm going to try to start anew! Besides, I'm feeling very volatile right now, so it's good that I'll get a way to get some of this stuff out. So I wanted to just check in. We left for Kentucky last Wednesday. My sister, Terra, came with us cause she had nothing else to do, so she wanted in on the fun. We drove to Ogallala, NE that day and stayed the night. We drove to Columbia, MO the next day, and then finished up the trip on Friday. My parents, the lovely lovely people that they are, solved a HUGE problem for us and volunteered to drive our moving truck out. They left Wednesday afternoon and made it by Friday night. We went kind of slow and made long stops for the kids and me. It's funny, this pregnancy thing. If I'm too active and push it too far, I swell up. But, if I take it too easy, I also swell up. My poor calves were so big and I totally had cankles by the end of the trip. But all in all, it went really well. The kids were amazing for being stuck in the car for 3 days straight. They were really quiet and content for pretty much the whole trip. We were very lucky! The weather was also amazing. We were so dreading another move in January, especially one through Parley's canyon and Wyoming, but there was not even a drop of rain. It was pretty awesome. We felt very blessed. The universe bended to accommodate us!

We stopped by our apartment on Friday night, just to check it out. We had planned to stay in a hotel that night and then unload the truck Saturday morning. We opened the door, and just about got bowled over by the smell coming from the place. It was HORRIBLE!! My immediate thought was cat. And not just cat, but old cat lady that never took care of her cats or house trained them or anything. It was just awful. And the kitchen was pretty dirty, along with the bathrooms. Now, anyone who knows me very well knows that I am a clean freak. It's a disease. I'm fully willing to admit to this, that I am completely OCD about things being clean. But that doesn't make it any easier to deal with a place that is not clean. So late that night, after my parents got to experience the pleasant smell, we ran to the store and picked up 4 boxes of Arm & Hammer carpet deodorizer, oust, and 2 bottles of febreeze. We sprinkled it down and sprayed and sprayed that night. When we came back the next morning, it was a little better. We vacuumed that up, sprinkled down some more, and started unloading. We got everything in in pretty good time, but it was hard to unpack when the place was so dirty. Most of us spent the day deodorizing, sanitizing, and scrubbing. I have never lived in an actual apartment complex, but this just seems unacceptable to me. Nobody, especially pregnant with young children, should be expected to move into a place in that condition. I am not impressed! I didn't think it would be a big deal to not actually see the unit we were moving into. But now I've learned my lesson! So now I just feel like these people are crooks and they'll lie about as much as they can and just hope you don't say anything. But I said something. I told them how disgusting it was and how disappointed I was in the condition of the apartment. I'm sure they don't care, but I got it out anyway!

So now here we are. I can't sit in my apartment without feeling itchy. I'm pretty sure it's all psychological, but still. I'm trying to convince myself that I can handle this. I've spent a lot of time in tears. Neither Ryan or I have ever doubted the decision, it's just been extremely hard. I bawled all day on Sunday and most the day Monday after my parents left. Terra left today, and I've spent the day bawling over that. I know that I just need to meet people and get into the swing of life here, but right now I'm struggling. I attribute about 50% of the emotion (at least) to pregnancy. Bad idea to make that kind of move pregnant. I'm just an emotional mess! But I'm hopeful that things will get better. I'm determined to pull out of this before I have this baby so that I don't fall into some serious post-partum depression! But good news is, my mom will be here for that, so I get to see her again soon! And then I'll go through all the bawling all over again when she leaves me again!

On a positive note, the kids are very happy. Bella gets to have her own room and she's very happy about that. Evan has only asked to go upstairs to see grandma once. They seem to be aware that we're not so close anymore. I think it will hit them, I just don't know when. Ryan is enjoying the new job. He's happy about the move, hasn't shed one tear. I think part of it is because he gets to go to work! But we're close to a lot of stuff too, which is nice. There are 2 Walmarts pretty close, and that's always an essential! I found a really fun park today, and we're going to go check out the library tomorrow. We're gonna try to get moving again and get out of this sobbing-all-the-time funk!

So that's a summary of the last week. There were a few pictures taken, I'll post those later. My mom and I have not called each other yet, because I'm pretty sure that neither of us could get through the conversation. So we just text for now! Apparently my dad has been quite upset as well. We feel so blessed to have lived so close to our families for so long. We formed relationships in a unique way that we never would have otherwise. But I'm kind of cursing the last 3 years right now because I think that has just made this all the harder. We were a part of both of our parent's daily lives, and they were a part of ours. And now it's all gone. It's gonna take some getting used to. So, for those of you who have left your mommies and daddies, tell me, how long did it take you to get over it???

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Naming Your Kids

So much thought goes into naming kids. Well, for most people. At least it always has for us. We've debated and semi-argued and vetoed. We've looked online, at movie credits, at names we get in the temple. Then we finally settle on that perfect name, the one that we think we can say 66 million times over the rest of our lives. And we're thrilled, and we start referring to my massive belly by this name.

And then they get a little older. And now I realize, what a waste of time!! You know what matters? All that really matters? Giving them a name that isn't difficult to learn how to write when they're learning how to write. I mean, what were we thinking, a B, and E, and an A?? My poor child is never going to learn how to write her name. I know, I know, she's still young. But seriously, not making ANY headway! All her school papers are just gonna say lllll, cause that's all she can do. At least she's 40% there.

I think I'm gonna name my next kid Tilly or something. Lots of straight lines...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Disneyland!... Again

So, it's true. We just made our third trip to Disneyland in the last 13 months! What can I say, we're Disneyland sort of people. Ryan's brother called on Memorial Day and said they were heading to Southern Cali the next week with their little family and asked if we'd like to come. We debated for like a day and then decided it would be a fun family vacation! We've been considering a vacation this year and couldn't decide what to do, so this decided it for us. We spent 4 days in Disneyland and were officially Disney-ed out by the end of it. I took hardly any pictures though. It just didn't seem to come up much. But I got a few. I realized though that Ryan never made it into any of the pictures! We spent a lot of time apart, actually, because Bella was tall enough to ride on most of the big kid rides, but Evan was not. So Evan and I hung out together and Bella and Ryan spent a lot of time with Brad, Kristina and Kaelee going on cool rides.

We saw Mary Poppins first thing when we got in the park. Bella wanted to see her really bad, so we waited. As soon as we got up there, she clammed up and refused to even look up for the picture!
Bella, consulting the map for our next adventure...
Bella actually took this, which was pretty impressive. Otherwise I wouldn't have made it into too many pictures either.
Bella caught me red-handed finishing up her chocolate milk!
The carousel...
Bella insisted I take a picture of Piggy riding the carousel! He had so much fun.
On our last day, after offering to go see Rapunzel a hundred times, Bella suddenly decided that that's all she wanted to do. The line was INSANE! I stood there for an hour and a half, holding Bella while she slept for about an hour of it. So I was exhausted and weary by the time we got there, but Bella was all rested up and super excited to see Rapunzel. She was just disappointed that "her boy" (Flynn) wasn't there too.
Bella on the Casey Jr. train...
We went to the Princess Coronation over in the Fantasyland theatre. They have places to kind of run around and take pictures before it starts. I suddenly found Bella wrapped up in the decor laying on the ground! I think she was a little tired by the last day.
So that was Disneyland. It was a really fun family trip and we were really glad we got to go.

I also never posted these pictures. I took a trip downtown a few weeks ago with my two cousins and their kids. We went to the fairly new kids exhibit at the Church History Museum. The kids LOVED it and we ended up playing for almost 2 hours. They had this whole thing about the early spanish who settled here or something, and the kids could dress up in this mexican garb and dance around. Evan was a crack-up in his little vest and hat! Here he is with Hannah in her pretty dancing skirt...
This area was definitely the biggest hit for Bella. She could've stayed there all day dressed up in a skirt dancing. They even had a big mirror so the kids could watch themselves dance, which just turned into Bella checking herself out for an hour!
The kids outside, running around...
We made several attempts to get them all together for a picture. It's hard to get 5 kids 5 and under to hold still for a few seconds! This was as close as we got...
There was a group picture of all of us, but it wasn't on my camera so I need to get a copy of that. My cousins had to leave to get their kids naps. I had promised Bella that while we were down there we could go see the big Jesus in the visitor's center, so we walked over to Temple Square and played around for a little while.
It was about 3:00 while we were sitting at the reflection pool, so I texted Ryan and asked him if he wanted us to stick around for a couple hours and then we could meet up and have dinner all together downtown. He said that'd be great, so we had some time to kill. I decided I'd take them over to the Beehive house and do that tour. While we were heading up the pathway on Temple Square from the reflection pool to go to the Beehive house, a little golf cart thing came toward us and who do you think was in it?? That's right, President Monson went puttering right by us. He smiled and said hi, and I sort of stood there staring like an idiot!! It was pretty cool though. Not something that happens every day for sure! After the Beehive house, we went to the top of the Church Office Building, played around in the visitor's center, and visited some of the fountains on Temple Square. We met up with Ryan and went to the Gateway for dinner then headed home. It was such a fun day with the kids. Evan didn't get his nap, but you would've never known it. He was so good and they were so well behaved all day. It was one of those perfect days with my kids that made me so glad to be a mom and grateful that I'm able to go spend fun days like that with them. I hope they're as good next time we do that so my good feelings aren't crushed! Anyway, until next time...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

It's That Time Again...

Time for another quickie top 10 because I've waited so long to blog and there have been a million things going on. This goes kind of way back, so I'll try to be brief. And there's lots of pictures of my cuto kids, so why wouldn't you look?? So here they are, in no particular order.

1. St. Patrick's Day. Yes, it's been that long! So, I have NEVER gotten into this holiday, and I don't know why I did this year. But I put the kids in green and made a fun green dinner and dessert. I think it was more fun because Bella is finally getting old enough to understand some of this. My friend (thanks Linds!) gave me this link for this really cute little clover treasure hunt, left by a leprechaun. So I decided to do it and Bella had so much fun. It was by color, so she did it really easily. At the end of it was a rainbow with a pot of goodies and toys. Evan just thought the goodies were awesome!
Our green cupcakes...
and green dinner. It's hard to tell, but the rolls are green too.
2. Easter also happened, like 5 weeks later! Again, I got more into this holiday than I ever have before. We colored eggs the night before, which Bella thought was pretty cool once she figured out what I was doing!
These are their Easter baskets. Bella got Tangled, which you can see in the mix there of her basket. She really wanted that movie, so I told her to be really good and ask the Easter Bunny to bring it, and he just might. I guess he listened!
The Easter Bunny always hid our entire basket so we had to go find it. Apparently that's what our Easter Bunny does too. It was fun to watch her try to find it.
With her new favorite movie...
3. On April 20th, I woke up expecting a nice, normal day. It was not so. I had been having some really bad pains off and on over the previous few days in my stomach and on Wednesday morning they started getting kind of intense. I was taking preventative measures to not be getting pregnant, but after some of the things I had been experiencing over the last few weeks, and the abdominal pain, I started wondering if maybe I had gotten pregnant anyway. So I took a pregnancy test, and sure enough, it was positive. I knew the pain couldn't be a good sign, so I called my doctor, and was in their office by about 2 that afternoon. I spent the day being poked and prodded and they finally diagnosed a tubal pregnancy. I was bleeding pretty good internally, so I needed surgery that night. I checked in at the ER, sat in a room for about an hour, and was in surgery by about 8:30, I think it was.
There was about 2 soda cans worth of blood in my stomach that had to be removed. A lot of times, with a tubal pregnancy, the tube erupts and they have to remove it. I was lucky and was able to keep all my body parts, which is a relief considering how it could've gone. But I have spent the last several weeks recovering. They re-opened my C-section incision, so it was quite a surgery. Those 36 hours starting about the time I got to the dr.'s office up until about halfway through my hospital stay could possibly be ranked as the worst in my life up to this point, and I hope forever! I will spare you all the gory details, but it wasn't fun. Good news is, I'm back to about 90%, and should be at 100% in the next week or so. And I was grateful that they let me make it home before Easter so we could enjoy that together. Yay for surprises!

4. This is my grandpa...
Around the end of March (sorry, I'm hazy on all the actual dates), he got really sick and was diagnosed with Stage 3 leukemia. Things went downhill pretty fast and with all the things going on, they weren't able to continue treatment. On April 4, he passed away. My in-laws were so wonderful and cancelled their travel plans for that weekend to watch the kids while Ryan and I traveled to California for the funeral. It was so nice to be there without the kids and be able to enjoy a nice time with family in memory of Grandpa Roth. All but 1 of his 32 grandchildren were there, the one being on his mission right now. I think my uncle said at the funeral that his legacy currently includes 102 people, so far! It was incredible. I loved my grandpa and had so many wonderful memories with him. I'm so grateful for such a strong example who raised such a wonderful family and gave me so many people to love. He will be missed. Love you Grandpa!

5. Mother's Day! Yay for this day! It actually wasn't that great of a day, cause Evan was a monster during church so I had to leave early with him. We had a family dinner with my family that day, and I was bringing a few things, so I spent most of my afternoon baking. Ryan did help me a ton though, which made it nice. And he got me the best presents! He got me this movie, which I LOVE...
And these beautiful flowers that are still brightening up my kitchen...
Thanks to Ryan for making my day so great. I love being a mom!

6. Wow, I'm only to 6. Still with me?? Okay, so this is kind of two things, but the kids finally got their own room. They've been sleeping in the office in the basement, with just their beds in there with a desk and lots of other office-y things. We finally talked to Ryan's parents about making it an actual bedroom, and they were kind enough to spend a weekend making that happen. We also decided to move Evan to a toddler bed, which has been a disaster so far :) I keep hoping it will get better, and thinking that it just has to! This is how it's going...
He goes to sleep (when he finally gets around to it!) on the floor every night and I go move him into his bed. And then sometimes he falls out in the middle of the night. He's such a funny kid! I would post more pictures of their new bedroom, but I haven't made it very cutesy yet. So if I ever get around to that, I'll put up pictures! I just have to say that I love having their dressers and shoes and diapers and everything else out of my bedroom and contained in their own little space!

7. Big news, which sort of prompted the bedroom change above... Ryan's parents were asked by the church to go to South Africa for 3-6 years so his dad could head up the legal counsel for the church for all of Southern Africa.
They accepted, and will officially be moving to South Africa at the end of August. We have decided to stay at the house for longer than we had initially anticipated, so we wanted to work on settling in a little more. They're really excited for this new adventure and I'm excited to hear all about it!
8. Ryan got a new calling, which is in the primary. He teaches to 8-9 year olds. He had been in the Elder's Quorum for about 1 1/2 years, and I think he was kind of ready for a change. He's been having a lot of fun with it and loves the age. They're old enough to pay attention but not quite old enough to really misbehave! I hope he gets to keep this calling for a while since he's enjoying it so much.

9. Evan turned 18 months and gets to go to nursery now! This is an awesome moment for any church-going parent. He actually went a week early because it was the week right after my surgery, so I didn't go to church, and Ryan had responsibilities to take care of. He loves it, and one of the nursery leaders just told me today that he is a model nursery child. She said he's so good every week and never even cries or barely makes a sound. I think he's too terrified to! But I'm glad he's acting good so other people think I have good kids! My little boy is getting so grown up!
10. I have officially started my last semester of school! HOORAY! I've been working on my bachelor's for the last 3 1/2 years and I am sooooooooo ready to be done! I will have my Bachelor's of Science in Accounting
And that will be official in August, when I will graduate and get my diploma! I'm really happy that I took on this challenge, but it has been really hard with kids and I am really looking forward to being able to just focus on being a mommy for a while.
Speaking of being a mommy, so blog post would be complete without a nice array of pictures of my kiddos! Here are some random photos of my two cuties over the last couple months. I love this two to death and while they can be extremely frustrating very often, they are so much fun and never cease to provide hours of entertainment!
Happy blogging! And now you know everything you wanted to know about our lives for the last couple months, and more! As always, I'm going to attempt to not wait until I can actually come up with 10 events to cover!